Sunday, May 12, 2013

#Education with #Representation #KeepEdLocal #StopCommonCore

I read an article in the paper last week about the Fort Zumwalt school board’s support for Common Core. Only one board member expressed opposition to Common Core. While addressing the board, a person in charge of curriculum for the district explained how bad it would be for district teachers who have been working to implement these standards if their board didn’t support them.

Does it seem strange to you that a purported feeling would be used as reason to continue supporting Common Core Standards?

Some educators don’t seem to understand that they are public servants. Local school board members are representatives of the people in their districts. Their positions to support or oppose something should come from their constituents. The problem with the Common Core Standards issue is that few board members and district patrons have had time to research this Initiative. Citizens are just now becoming informed and school boards must respond accordingly.

I’m writing this to urge citizens to research the Common Core Standards Initiative. Don’t play into the hegemony created by the education “experts” to silence your voice, remind local school board members that they represent you, demand that state legislature’s reign in all state entities that knowingly signed away state rights in joining the Common Core Standards Initiative.

Pioneer Institute: The Road to a National Curriculum

I’m a teacher whose respect for individual liberty far outweighs my desire to go along and get along. . .

Support MO SB210 and HB616