Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Tension - Passion and Logic

The Tension. . . (from July 5, 2010)
I was listening to a financial show yesterday, while waiting in the car...
One of the guys talking said something that I think may be a common misperception. 
He said,
Democrats are a party of PASSION
the Republicans are a party of LOGIC
It was such a revelation for me, I had to write it down because I didn't want to forget exactly what he said and the visceral reaction I felt at the time.

It's apropos that it happened on Independence day, too! 

It explains exactly why I haven't been able to identify with either party (and their misperceptions) exclusively, and why I consider myself independent. 
I reject this overgeneralization as an idea used to disparage individuals and minimize their opinions and concerns.  Passion and logic are not mutually exclusive in my life - politics included.  Any good decision that I have been able to make along the way has been a confluence of both logic and passion, rarely in equal parts.
I believe each of us has our own synergism of passion and logic.  Our unique way of interpreting and utilizing the information gathered from the world around us. 

See people as individuals... address issues as issues we all face...
Don't lazily rely on partisan rhetoric...

These are reminders to self.