Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over 8 Years Later... (and counting...)

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Testimony of David Klein (April 2000) regarding the composition of the "Expert Panel" that brought us our "exemplary" and "promising" math programs which were formally opposed by so many mathematicians in the Letter to Richard Riley.
Here's an excerpt:

I quote from the November 15 and 16, 1996 minutes of the second meeting of the Expert Panel.

"Some members expressed their concern about serving as chair, because their organizations develop products that may be reviewed by the panel, and they were concerned about conflict of interest. The panel agreed that if conflict of interest were an issue, it would not matter whether one served as chair or simply as a member. The panel agreed that whoever is panel chair ought to be able to act independently of his or her own interests."

I urge the distinguished members of the Appropriations Committee to investigate the possibility of conflict of interest within the Expert Panel.

I also urge the distinguished members of this committee not to allocate funds to promote mathematics programs premised on the misguided notion that women and minority groups need a different and inferior kind of mathematics.

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