Monday, June 28, 2010

Keep Watching - Education Reform

Federal Common Core Standards incentives for public education opposed by some states
and having so many strings attached that the cost would exceed any funding they would receive.
This article reminds me of the rhetoric endured in ed school course work, but we seem
to agree on one thing - "improving learner ability to make sense of reality" 
is most likely to improve education.
However, I believe the author fails to acknowledge that some subjects, like mathematics for example, are inherently highly structured.  In order to improve the learner's ability to make sense in those areas, the structure of the content must be respected and taught or they will be unable to experience success and build their repertoire of useful tools.  It's not enough just to have the "tools" in mathematics either, successful students must also learn how they are appropriately applied.

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Character Education Resources said...

What is the meaning for education reforms? Can some one here explain it a bit that what does it mean by education reforms?

concerned said...

That is definitely the million dollar question! Most people, myself included, hear "education reform" and think it's a great thing. Reform will bring about improvement, right? Well, I've learned over the course of several years that I have to dig deeper.

So, I'm sorry that I can't answer that question for you, but the content of this blog displays information that I've found in my search.