Friday, January 21, 2011

Commoditizing Education

Duncan: Common Standards Will Produce Tech Innovations

"Companies that have stayed clear of the market because of having to develop different products to meet different states' standards will soon have a shot to sell goods across states"

"With common standards coming, and with common assessments coming, we are creating a much more efficient marketplace," Duncan said, "and there are lots of folks out there who could do very well by doing good, going forward."


"It was very tough, with a lot of different standards, trying to customize everything at the local level," he added. "There are huge inefficiencies there. With a common measuring stick and common standards, I think the market becomes much more attractive for those geniuses on the entertainment side, to get into the education sector."


This word just came to mind when I read the article.  It makes me very uncomfortable when coupled with education. 








Movement toward perfect competition; the process by which a good or service thought to be unique or superior becomes like other, similar goods and services in the eyes of the market. Commoditization is the movement toward undifferentiated competition between two or more companies offering the same good or service. This leads to lower prices.




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