Saturday, July 16, 2011


What better time could there be for Congress to cut the funding for Common Core Standards/Race to the Top than right now while they are looking for places to cut the budget?  With no funding, CCS/RTTT would be “dead in the water” and good riddance!




[In budget talks] Obama rules out his federal takeover and indoctrination of the public schools through Common Core Standards and Race to the Top (CCS/RTTT) which have already cost us taxpayers $100 Billion (ARRA Stimulus), $350 Million (development of national assessments), and $4.35 Billion (Race to the Top 2010).

In his 2011 budget, Obama expects Congress to approve $1.35 Billion for CCS/RTTT. If Congress wants to protect our public school children, they should cut all funding for CCS/RTTT right now before this monstrosity is implemented into all the public schools in the 46 states that have fallen for Obama’s “carrot and stick” approach.

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