Sunday, January 1, 2012

UNAMERICAN: "Individual 'profiles' must be considered in the light of goals pursued by the wider society"

What educational purpose could tracking our children possibly serve?  After reading Henry Hyde's 1997 testimony excerpted from the U.S.Congressional records, I'm beginning to believe that the "conspiracy theorist' really have been paying attention.   

`ultimately, the educational plans that are pursued need to be orchestrated across various interest groups of the society so that they can, taken together, help the society to achieve its larger goals. Individual profiles must be considered in the light of goals pursued by the wider society; and sometimes, in fact, individuals with gifts in certain directions must nonetheless be guided along other less favored paths, simply because the needs of the culture are particularly urgent in that realm at that time.'

I've attended School-to-Work seminars and was never impressed... the content delivered was streamlined to the point of crippling students, in my opinion.  That's exactly how I feel about Common Core Math Standards.  It's orchestrated alright...and designed to keep you in the dark and circumvent your elected officials.

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