Monday, August 26, 2013

School Performance

I absolutely love the Interactive Map on School Performance in last week's St. Louis Post Dispatch! These are the percentages of students proficient or advanced on Missouri's state assessments in the districts where I live and work.

This is the district where I work…

Francis Howell High
English: 82.4
Math: 68.2
Science: 92.6
Social Studies: 70.6

Francis Howell Central High
English: 76.5
Math: 53.5
Science: 91.5
Social Studies: 61.4

Francis Howel North High
English: 80.1
Math: 54.4
Science: 93.4
Social Studies: 62.2

This is the district that my taxes support…

Ft. Zumwalt North High
English: 75.8
Math: 53.1
Science: 92.8
Social Studies: 57.4

Ft. Zumwalt South High
English: 83.6
Math: 51.1
Science: 94.2
Social Studies: 58.3

Ft. Zumwalt West High
English: 78.6
Math: 40.6
Science: 92.6
Social Studies: 58.3

Ft. Zumwalt East High
English: 72.7
Math: 34.2
Science: 87.4
Social Studies: 59

Ft. Zumwalt's highest math score is lower that Francis Howell's lowest. Considering Zumwalt's dismal math performance, how can these two districts be so close on the MSIP5 score card?

Francis Howell: 96.4%
Ft. Zumwalt: 92.9%

In my opinion, academic performance should be the focus in scoring schools.

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