Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missouri State Board of Education

I hope that Missouri's State Board of Education has read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION available at:

If we want our children to be prepared for college level study, we need to follow the advice of the people who know mathematics. Mathematics professors know what is needed for students to experience success at higher levels of study.

When children are not provided the opportunity to learn basic concepts needed for future success, they (and their parents) experience unnecessary frustration and possible failure in reaching their personal goals.

I sincerely appreciate the time that these reviewers have generously given to analyze Missouri's document. Through their substantial time committment, they have demonstrated they truly care about Missouri's students!

Parents and teachers throughout the state need to stand up and say "no" to mediocre math standards and assessments. Read these reviews for yourself, and let our State Board of Education know what you think.

The BOE has an opportunity to lead the way in improving our math standards by rejecting the current draft K-12 math document and allowing college and university math faculty to steer us back on course - preparing K-12 students for success in college.

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