Monday, May 23, 2011

Just say "NO" to National Standards and Streamline U.S. DoE

Education Department Violates Law, and States Say “No” to National Standards

The Foundry, Heritage Foundation

Ceding greater power over what children are learning to D.C. bureaucrats is not the path to improving education in the United States. Rather, the federal government should give states more flexibility to implement policies that they deem best fit the needs of their students. States also must work to raise academic standards and heighten the transparency—and thus accountability—of school performance to those to whom it rightfully belongs: parents and communities.

Education and the Workforce Committee Moves

to Streamline Department of Education

Clearly, the problem isn’t how much money we spend on education, but how we’re spending it—and right now, far too many taxpayer dollars are dedicated to ineffective, redundant K–12 programs. Rep. Hunter’s legislation will reduce the federal role in education and help set the stage for increased flexibility on the state and local level.

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