Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chamber of Commerce is Wrong about #CommonCore

There is absolutely NO WAY that IN's previous "highly-rated standards were adopted through the same process as was conducted when Indiana adopted the Common Core" because NEVER BEFORE, in US history have state's relinquished control of their educational standards to the Fed DOE.  How could it possibly have been the "same process" - that's clearly FALSE.

State legislature's typically approve the standards developed within their states by appointed state officials. In this case the legislature MUST step-in and stop the agreement signed by those appointed officials because they had NO authority under state constitutions or the US constitution to do so in the first place.

State standards are usually considered minimum competency levels (at least they are in my district).  One has to wonder WHY would Common Core insist on making up 85% of all the standards. Did officials not understand what they were signing?  If so, how could they agree?

Remember - COMMON CORE has a copywrite.  It WILL be 85% of your entire state curriculum (Read the agreement)
Chamber of Commerce leaders need to conduct some independent research, rather than relying on soundbites provided by their state's ed establishment. 
Legislators - Constituents are depending on YOU to restore local control of education. 
Education WITH Representation!!

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